Introducing Our Inaugural Chapter: A Pioneering Step for CSS!

It’s a landmark moment for the Climate Solutions Society (CSS)! Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our very first chapter at Newport Harbor High School, paving the way for many more to come. Our inaugural chapter represents the first step in what promises to be a transformative journey toward impactful climate solutions.

“Our inaugural chapter is a testament to our vision, a validation of our mission, and the embodiment of our hopes for the future,” said Ryan Honary, Founder of Climate Solutions Society and co-president of the organization’s Newport Harbor Highschool chapter. “This chapter will lay the groundwork, inspire countless others, and be remembered as the catalyst for a global movement.”

Joining Ryan as co-president is Logan Hardy; Ms. Alma Di Giorgio will serve as the chapter’s advisor.

What Our Inaugural Chapter Brings to the Table:

  • Focused Initiatives: Emphasizing both STEM education and tangible solutions, our inaugural chapter is ready to tackle local environmental challenges head-on.
  • Community Engagement: Through workshops, meetups, and other events, the chapter aims to involve the community in our shared mission.
  • Expert Involvement: Our members will benefit from presentations and mentorship from experts with local, regional and global organizations.

Join Us in Celebrating this Milestone

We invite you to engage with our inaugural chapter on Instagram and visit their dedicated chapter page by clicking here.

With the start of our inaugural chapter, we are one step closer to realizing our dream of empowering young minds around the globe to address climate change. We’re excited about the journey ahead and are confident that we’ll create a brighter, more sustainable future with our collective efforts.

Inspired by our inaugural chapter and want to bring CSS to your community? Learn how to get started.


Introducing the Climate Solutions Society

The Climate Solutions Society was introduced during LearningPlanet Festival on January 27, 2023 as part of Ryan Honary’s presentation, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Environmental

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