Welcoming Silicon Valley – Our Newest CSS Chapter!

October 25, 2023: We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our CSS community! As our mission continues to gain momentum and inspire students globally, we’re proud to announce the establishment of our newest chapter in Silicon Valley.

The chapter will be led by co-presidents Katelyn Chow and Alex Wang, with support from Brian Liu serving as VP of Community Outreach and Advisor Dr. Kim Taylor.

“We were so impressed by the capabilities of Ryan’s platform and his vision for CSS,” said Katelyn. “We know we can only make a difference if many teens across the world start developing solutions for environmental challenges. I look forward to working with Ryan toward the expansion of CSS to multiple high schools across Silicon Valley and the Bay Area.”

Our growth signifies the collective drive to combat climate challenges using STEM. We invite all our members to extend a warm welcome to our peers in Silicon Valley!

The inception of every new chapter strengthens the CSS network, enhancing our ability to drive tangible solutions on a broader scale. We’re excited about what Silicon Valley will achieve!

“I’m so happy to see there is interest by other youth to expand the applicability of the platform we’ve developed over several years for other environmental applications,” said our founder, Ryan Honary. “I’m even more happy to see other youth believe in the vision and mission of CSS of enabling youth everywhere to go beyond just talk and develop solutions. I’m excited to work with Katelyn and her team to expand CSS footprint.”

Interested in starting a chapter in your community?  Learn how.


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