Welcoming Laguna Beach High School – Our Newest CSS Chapter!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our third Climate Solutions Society chapter at Laguna Beach High School!

The chapter will be led by President Tyler Tafreshi and Vice President Dutch McLellan, with Ms. Moya Mitchell serving as Advisor. 

“After learning about Ryan’s wildfire solution we realized how useful something like this might be for the city of Laguna Beach,” said Tyler. “There is a lot of excitement in our school about leveraging this platform for early detection of environmental problems like wildfires and water pollution.”

Our growth signifies the collective drive to combat climate challenges using STEM. We invite all our members to extend a warm welcome to our peers in Silicon Valley.

“I’m so glad that an increasing number of youth and students are seeing the usefulness of this platform,” said our founder, Ryan Honary. “I look forward to working with Tyler to enable further collaboration with students at Laguna Beach High School.” 

The inception of every new chapter strengthens the CSS network, enhancing our ability to drive tangible solutions on a broader scale. We’re excited about what Laguna Beach will achieve!

Interested in starting a chapter in your community? Learn how.


Introducing the Climate Solutions Society

The Climate Solutions Society was introduced during LearningPlanet Festival on January 27, 2023 as part of Ryan Honary’s presentation, “The Future of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Environmental

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